How to get the most out of your spiky ball.

Spiky balls are amazing in their simplicity. To be honest, you could probably get away with a decent cricket, lacrosse or hockey ball (Shhhhh). They are ideal for self treatment of muscle tension and trigger points. Personally, I use them to get through the tough times in-between treatments. They have a way of getting into the spots foam rollers just don't. Here are a few tips of how you can get the most out of your spiky ball ...

  • Set aside a time in the evening, around twice a week, when you are normally at home winding down to do these. eg 8pm Monday and Thursday.

  • Spend around half an hour each time doing these. An episode of something on TV or Netflix.

  • You will need a floor with space to roll around or a blank wall/ door frame.

  • The pain your feel should be a dull but comfortable pain. If the pain is sharp and doesn't settle into a dull pain, remove pressure and find another area.

  • Don't put yourself through too much pain. Remember, if you can't breath comfortably, then you are probably going too hard.

Gluteals - Laying on the floor, lift your hips up into the air and place ball under gluts, aiming for the muscles between your hip (iliac crest), sacrum and sit bone. Lower weight down onto the ball. Roll around until you find some achey, painful spots. Hold on this spot until the intensity settles down. You might get some referral down into your legs. Roll onto your side to get into your hip stabilisers.

Upper back - With your back up against a wall, take your hand and place it on your opposite shoulder (eg. right hand to left shoulder). With your opposite hand, place the spiky ball between your shoulder blade and spine, close to the border of the shoulder blade (right shoulder blade). Roll around until your hit those sore spots. Hold until intensity settles. Place on the shoulder blade and outside border to work through some of the rotator cuff.

Chest - Standing inside an open door frame facing away from the door, place spiky ball just below your collar bone, two-thirds of the way from your sternum to your shoulder and push into door frame with your chest. Move the ball around by rotating your body and using your legs. Take your arm through its range while pinning a spot down to get a stretch-release.

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