Frequently asked questions


Does my private health insurance cover my consultations?

This all depends on your health insurances level of cover. Every company/policy is different. You must have extras added to your policy with Myotherapy or Remedial Massage services included. To find out how much of a rebate you are entitled to, contact your private health insurance provider by phone or through their website. It is helpful to read over your policy regularly so that you make sure your extras entitlements are not going to waste.

Can I claim my private health insurance cover on the spot?

We have a HICAPS machine on site which will process all private health insurance cards. We also accept most major bank and credit cards with tap, chip and swipe EFTPOS capabilities. Unfortunately, some providers do not allow on the spot claiming for Myotherapy. This means you will be requiring to pay in full for the service and claim back the rebate. An invoice will e printed or emailed to you with the necessary information for claiming back. If you require any assistance in doing this, please call your private health insurance provider or the clinic and one of your friendly staff will be able to assist you. Keep in mind every policy has a limit to which they can claim back. Also, take note if your insurance renews every financial year or end of year.

Is there a medicare rebate for Myotherapy/Remedial Massage?

Medicare does not cover Myotherapy or Remedial Massage. If you do require treatment for a chronic issue under Medicare, speak to your GP about whether you eligible for Chronic Disease Management Program (CDM - formerly Enhanced Primary Care Program [EPC]). For more information on the CDM program, visit the Department of Health - Chronic Disease Management or speak to your GP. *Myotherapy and Remedial Massage do not fall under the list of Allied Health Practioners that are referrable under the CDM.


What is involved in an initial consultation?

It is preferred that you arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out the health history form. This will mean that your initial consult isn't wasted on paperwork. The therapist will then take you through to the consultation room and go over the history form asking any further question they feel they need to put together a thorough subjective assessment. The therapist will then go through a physical assessment that will involve going through a range of active, passive and resisted movement or some special tests depending on how your symptoms present. Initial assessments can take some time but they are extremely important for putting together a differential diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan. From here, the therapist will go into a palpatory assessment that will lead into some treatment. The therapist will then go through a post treatment assessment to examine the results of the treatment. If needed you will receive some take home advice which may include things like stretches and exercises. Allow 45-60 minutes for the initial consultation. Please bring along with you any scans/x-rays you have had in the past.

Do I need a referral to see a Myotherapist?

You do not require a referral to see a Myotherapist. If you have seen another health care professional, it would be helpful for us to get their contact details so we can discuss with them the best outcome for your health. Also if you have had any previous scans bring them along with you.

Can I have Myotherapy if I am pregnant?

Yes you can, and most women need it! With all the changes that is happening to your body you will more than likely be experiencing aches and pains. If you have never had a treatment before we do suggest not to have one in the first trimester, just to be on the safe side. We have a pregnancy pillow that allows you to lie face down, most women still find the pillow comfortable up until the last few weeks. If this is not available we can also treat you side lying.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is the evidence based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.

What do Myotherapists treat?

- Back pain
- Neck and shoulder pain
- Headache
- Sports injuries
- Occupational injuries - Rotator cuff problems - Achilles tendinopathy and other ankle injuries - Jaw pain and clicking - Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain presentations - Tennis and golfers elbow

What is the difference between Myotherapy and massage?

Myotherapy and massage are two completely different professions. Similar to a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, a myotherapist may use massage as part of their treatment if it is warranted to do so. However they can also call upo a wide range of of other evidence-based treatments approaches.


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